Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Taking a closer look at the Bangladesh election commission

Yesterday’s clashes with the opposition and cops are unprecedented development of demented illogical analytical minds. What the heck are people thinking fighting their own people?! We seem to have totally failed to ingrain the importance of muslims respect for each other, respect for countrymen, the teachings of Islam as a religion and just plain common sense.

Don't give me equal protest rule argument, its mute for the Bangladeshi context. Figure out other means of protest. We have done this same hartal,gerou thing for way too long. Its past getting old. Be creative! Leave our streets alone. Its belongs to all people in Bangladesh not only the activists.

Today's post is going to take a closer look at this mess and try to make some sense of it all.

Why are activists surrounding the EC? They are mad cause the man in charge just sucks. So Why does he not resign? Well lets just put it this way-he is too stubborn and stupid to realize what he is doing to his country. He has no vision and lacks sympathy for the continuity of the institution that he works for. Same goes for that judge who does not make any public statements about whether he will stay or go if BNP makes him chief when the Caretaker governments takes control.

Historically, the significance of the election commission has been at the whim of the one in power. The institution was enacted since the constitution but was not allowed to function because the formers leaders of the country was basically power grabbers. Yes, including the co-fathers of the nation; Mr Mujib(the father of the nation depending on whom you talk to) and Mr Zia(the other father commander-in-chief depending on whom you talk to here as well). They saw little use of an independent place where everyone is registered and verified and voted their opinion come election time. This is a human instinct to hoard power once in charge and by this measure none of the preceding people who came to power measured up. For that matter the people in power now are doing a piss poor job of strengthening an institution(EC) at the crux of any democracy .

By the way what is democracy-”Will of the people”- well will of the people this week is to march in the streets, how exactly is that serving the working man and woman who drives our economy? ‘It’s the economy stupid’, here I quote former U.S. President Bill Clinton slogan directly from his first presidential campaign. He is a smart man so why are we in Bangladesh trying to reinvent the wheel? Do we not think it’s the economy that will provide for us and our children? What is the point of paralyzing communication network, surrounding office buildings and parading on our arterial streets that keep our economy running smoothly? Where is the common sense of our political elite gone? We in changebangladesh want to know, when will it be back? Do you need help political leaders, do you need to talk? Talk to the people whom you are serving,talk amongst each other, figure it out. The streets are not yours alone. Be responsible and have some common sense. It’s the economy stupid!

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