Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bravo Hasina and Khaledah you guys really help Bangladesh to get there.

Dogs, cats move freely in pediatric ward in Kishoreganj Sadar Adhunik Hospital: Sick babies share beds
KishoreganjA baby admitted to Kishoreganj Sadar Adhunik Hospital for treatment of pneumonia is now attacked with diarrhoea also.
Three-month old Asadullah was admitted to the pediatric ward on June 12. The kid was shifted to diarrhoea ward before pneumonia was treated.
"My son was attacked with diarrhoea because of the filthy atmosphere there (pediatric ward)", his father Misir Uddin claimed while talking to this correspondent during a visit to the hospital on Friday.
"Even dogs and cats move freely there", he alleged. The room is dirty and disease-carrying flies and insects are all around. There is stinky smell as the floor is not cleaned regularly, he alleged. "Now my son is fighting for life", he said.
This correspondent also found a dog roaming in a room in the ward.
Sick babies were seen sharing beds in the pediatric ward. Salma Begum, mother of 10-month old pneumonia patient Roman said, "I admitted my baby to the ward for treatment of pneumonia. She has been kept on a bed along with two others, she said.
Diseases spread from one baby to another as they lie on the same bed, another mother, Salma, alleged Shamsunnaher, mother of two-year-old Junayed was seen helping her son inhale oxygen from an oxygen cylinder, which should be operated by a trained nurse.
No nurse or doctor was found in the ward from 12 noon to 1:30 pm on Friday.
A total of 53 babies were seen on 22 beds in the pediatric ward.
When contacted, Civil Surgeon (CS) Saij Uddin said babies share beds because of lack of beds. Asked about allegation of unhygienic condition, he said he will look into the matter and take steps immediately.
There has been a rush of pneumonia patients in the hospital as the disease spread in the district in last two weeks. It killed two babies and attacked over 500 during the period, sources at the Sadar hospital said.
The dead are Diba, 7, of Binnati area of Kishoreganj Sadar upazila and a three-day old unidentified baby from Choddosota area of the upazila.
A dog moving freely in the pediatric ward in Kishoreganj Sadar Ahdunik Hospital. PHOTO: STAR


naser said...

heh.. I'd really like to see if any "khaleda" (without the 'h', cuz she's worth it) or any "hasina" plays the slightest bit of attention to your post here.

Lets face it folks.. unless and until there's a mein fuherer here to kick everyone around until sincerity oozes out of our nose, there's won't be any "sig wird under sein"

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