Wednesday, June 14, 2006

BhangChoor the path for the Victory to the parliament.

The V sign what does it mean?

What Victory sign is this?

Whose Victory was that?

Who are his bosses that he is showing the Victory sign to ?

Who won from this Victory of this Young Man? Surely not any living Bangladeshi.

DHAKA (Reuters) - Opposition activists fought pitched battles with police in the Bangladesh capital on Wednesday on the second day of a two-day strike to press for electoral reforms.
Police used batons and fired teargas shells to disperse activists in the city's Mahakhali and Mirpur areas, witnesses said. At least one car was set ablaze.
An opposition alliance led by the Awami League called the strike to try to force the government to accept demands for electoral reform ahead of next January's parliamentary election.
The demands include the removal of the election commissioner and an opposition say in the caretaker administration to be appointed to run the country ahead of the polls.
"We are agitating to assert our democratic rights. But the government shows no tolerance because it is an autocratic regime," said Tofayel Ahmed, a former minister and senior Awami leader.
More than 100 people were injured on the first day of the strike in clashes between activists and police. Seven vehicles including a police car were burned and about 50 other vehicles were damaged in the capital and elsewhere, police and witnesses said.
On Tuesday police detained about 200 activists, including women, across the country. They would be prosecuted for "attacking police, damaging public property and creating anarchy", police said.

The Question lies what are they getting out of it ? the Property and Cars and Publics belongings which are set ablaze and broken in to pieces who will pay for that?

Can we get this money from Mercantile Bank as Mr Jaheel (Jalil) the owner will pay

Can we get this money from the swiss account of Sheikh Hasina ?

Can we get this money from the Foreign account of the AWL Bank account ?

Whats the address to send the invoice of the damages being done ?

When BNP was in opposition they did the samething and now as AWL is in opposition they are doing the same thing?

DO they really care about us ? Do these two parties with their allies and chamchas really feel 1% for the country?

Sheihk Hasina's son and daughter live in USA all MP ministers sons and daughters stay abroad

in foreign country for education or better life .BNP Tareq Zia ride in the new series Mercedes and his daughters and families are in the security of Army what about the common people? You and me ?

Is there any one thinking about us the poor ones?

Is there a need for the emergence of the third force?

Lets make a movement against Hartal no matter who is in oppostion this strategy has to stop this won't work. We want Peace and harmony we want to live are we asking too much from these two uneducated ladies?

Feel free give your comments.


Anonymous said...

We are with YOU change Bangladesh

You guys have the guts to speak the truth I hope and pray for your teams safety.

Well wisher

Khalilur Rahman said...

What you said is all true but who will lead ?

who will stand against this with you?

They are powerful they have army goons media and foreing power
what you guys have ?

don't give us false hope let us live in the dirt no one can change the fate of Bangladesh.

Mr Bangladesh said...

Running website and blogs won't change Bangladesh. You guys are all showing off for future leadership


Mr Bangladesh