Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Ershad just negated his joining BNP coalition in Khulna saying he may contest on all 300 constituency on his own. This man is a master of misdirection. Unpredictable and unreliable. He says one thing and does another. In the end what he will do is anybody's guess. Election Calculationeers analysing how to create majority in Sangsad realises how irrelevant Jammat will become if JP joins the four party coalition. Amongst the masses Jammat has little support on its own. In 91 Jammat got the least number of seats. Only in coalition does Jammat do well. Especially under BNP in 2001 did Jammat win most seats. Some people want Ershad to join four party coalition for this very reason. We at CBd watch in horror as we have still no voter list, no effort by the poltical elite to seat for talks to lessen the burden on the caretaker government and abosolute disregard for national interest.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

When common sense leaves Chairman of Board of Investment

this is the result. The defamation suit filed by Executive Chairman of the Board of Investment (BoI) Mahmudur Rahman and the consequent warrants issued is a mockery of our lower courts. This is one more example of what happens when the judiciary is entwined with the legislative. If this kind of desperate measures are taken by the steward of this administration during its last leg, when will calm cool headed national priority strategic thinking take place? Something is rotten in the state of Bangla and it's not the Civil soceity. Its important to understand the lead up to this current debacle.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Voice of America Interview of ChangeBangladesh.

Few days ago there was a brief interview of ChangeBangladesh organization in Voice of America Bangla by Sarkar Kabiruddin where Kawser Jamal on behalf of ChangeBangladesh expressed the organization's views and ideas and its existance in different part of the world. For more information about our organization please stay tuned to our website.

Here is the short description and a link to the interview please give us your feed back.

Kawsar Jamal for Change Bangladesh
By Sarkar Kabiruddin Washington30-July-2006
Interview with Kawsar Jamal
Listen to Interview with Kawsar Jamal
Kawsar Jamal is an IT professional and has his own consulting firm on web site designing and net-working. He studied in the University of Arkansas, Little Rock and lives there.
In an exclusive interview with VOA Bangla Service he talks about his newly formed website group called , “ Change Bangladesh.” The objectives of this group is to implement programs as envisioned by the new generation of Bangladeshis across the board and take Bangladesh forward along the direction of modern development.
Kawsar says the group's immediate plan is to motivate Bangladeshi voters to cast their votes in the coming elections based on the merit of candidates, specially their honesty & integrity and not necessarily on party lines or any other consideration .

Please click here to listen to the interview