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Dr Yunus should open up a Political institution or a foundation not a political party.

Dr Yunus should open up a Political institution or a foundation not a political party.
Says Kawser Jamal, initiator of

We have enough political parties in the country but not enough honest political leadership in the parties itself. We need leaders who are honest, educated, schooled, trained, dynamic and non-favourtism to their family and friends.We need good leaders inside the parties to make good decisions not like the one in present days leadership which is full of filthy old guards to name a few Jalil, Amu,Razzak, Mirza Abbas,,Maya,,Delwar,Hossians, Saifur Rahman and much more in both AWL and BNP and more on other parties respectively This is what we lack in Bangladesh true leadership and true love for the nation with in the party and it’s people.
To be a doctor you need go to school-college for four year MBBS degree. To be a engineer you need to go to school for 4-5 years, to join Government service you have to give BCS exam(which is a crappy system anyways) and so on but to be a politicians there are no requirements and no degrees needed.
This is totally a discrimination towards all other class of hard working people and flaws in the system itself. Because we our self open the door for the crooks,thugs and corrupt people to come and join politics and make decisions for us and ruin us.We all work hard to be what we want to be and here in politics you have no criteria this is just an injustice to the people of Bangladesh.
The Gonda’s and Rongbuzz and Tom Dick and Harry can come and join politics what are their qualifications?How many murders they did commit?How popular Goonda they are how many people know them and are scared of them?How many rape they have perform? How many women have nightmares for them?How much extortion money they have gathered? How much the Businesses fear themHow much illegal money they have?
How many illegal business they run in front of the nose of the police and administration?
How much vote they can captured or how much muscle power they have to snatch vote ballot at the election?
How many activist they can arrange for picketing, meeting and hartals and killing ?
Please answer me?
Same goes to the leaders who just have a family back ground. They lived half of their life abroad and than go back and become leaders without any proper knowledge about our system and people and the country just because they have certain criteria.
They are sons or daughters or Jamai of someone party chief or influencial leaders.They have western education ( they paid hard earned tax payers money of Bangladeshi people to get that education not like Dr Yunus where he has fulbright scholarship).They have money and they are moderately good looking or well groomed. They want the luxury of our country not the hard and honest working life of the west but their family forced them to run the dynasty other wise family would be power less.
Both class of these type of people are not fit for political leadership. As much as Tareq’s lack of political leadership due to corruption and nepotism same exact points goes to Joy if he ever join politics he lacks the will to serve people or understand people of Bangladesh he was never there to understand or know the common people of the country who means the most to the nation. They both are lacking the political wills and charisma and the passion to serve the nation selflessly that’s what we are striving for in Bangladesh. Tareq is after corruption and money and Joy is after is luxury life in the west and his family life. Both of these young aspirants party upcoming leaders don’t have the zeal to lead a nation from their heart. If they can proof us that they have what it needs to be a leader and sacrifice their earthy wants and need and help the country to rebuild, we would accept them whole heartedly but if they don’t there shouldn’t be any entrance for them to be in politics. Political dynasty should not determine the political entrance for any body. You have to proof your self to the nation.
“To be a leader you have to be a giver not a taker”
What Dr Yunu’s need to form is a Political Institution or a foundation like Clinton Foundation in Little rock, Arkansas. Where Politics would be taught and engraved in the students blood with a theme like:Politics for PeoplePolitics for PeacePolitics for ProsperityPolitics for equalityPolitics for Welfare of the nation and the world.Politics for Communal Harmony
Politics for Political Stability

The way BUET produce science graduates and talented students who are called the Oxforder’s of the East and Harvarder’s of the East same way Dr Yunus should teach and trained political leaders and government service employees who will in the long run get to the decision making process and make a difference. We need a school of thoughts the doctrine of Ghandhi and Martin Luther King’s vision embezzled in Dr Yunus institution to embedded in the the mind and body and blood of the young Bangladeshi citizens. Who will know what truth is ? who will know what feeling, is ? who will know what non-violence mean? Who will know what communal harmony means? Who will know what education and teachings mean? Who will know the real meaning of love and honesty and interegrity.
I think from my knowledge and experiences about Bangladesh this is what we need. We are not taught or trained against how to tackle the bad part of the society like corruption , partisanship, nepotism, or respecting others and such other things. We need an institution or a guide to follow and Dr Yunus should be the one to do that and create students and fellow from his institution who will eventually join Political parties of their choice to do politics for the nation politics for the people and politics for the welfare of the nation.

But at the end if our noble laureate decide to form a political party as he is well experienced and knowledgeable than me I might be the first person to join the party to help him by any means with out any personal gain with more support from all around the world and Bangladesh but would make him understand to form the political foundation to create new leadership for sure.
Kawser Jamal
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