Wednesday, May 03, 2006

We seek your opinion on the National Election 2007

Please take our weekly survey.The more people responds the better the questions become. Also please tell us what questions you want to ask your politicians in your constituency. Be bold here . We respect your privacy. Mention which constituency and the politicians name. Send us your ideas to info@changebangladesh or comment to this post.

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Naser said...

First of all I've two questions:

1) Is this initiative in anyway biased towards any existing bangladeshi political party or present/former political leaders (including Zia or Sheikh Mujib) ? If it is so, then I must say, that this site isn't for me. If there is anything I loath more than the word "Loathing", its bangladeshi matter who or what operates it.

2) Why is the main site designed so poorly? A lot of vibrant and great looking designs can be found at the Open-source web-design (OSWD) site.

If the answer of the 1st question is "No way" and the answer of the second question is " We're trying to, can you help?".... then, well count me in