Tuesday, May 02, 2006

25 Issues for consideration

25 issues: help us prioritize them, what in your opinion belongs on the top. Number them and send us your comments. We also encourage you to write concept papers on each issue and send it to info@changebangladesh . Please mention clearly the issue you are wrting on. Help us frame a constructive debate and give reporters ideas on what to write on. We are developing the Issue Central on our site, your paper will link from there. If you don't want to publish your concept paper that is fine too. Just mention it. We respect your privacy.
Our target is 100 papers on each issue for the voters consideration. Please help changebangladesh by putting a priority number and send us comments on why you think they are more important than the next. Please participate and see Bangladesh change through dialogue.

Corruption issues
Desher Mati Security issues (against those who bomb us)
Power generation and distribution issues
Water purification and distribution issue
Unsustainable Price hike of essentials issues
Agricultural issues
Dhaka traffic congestion issues
Monga issues
Foreign direct investment issues
Hartal issues
Educational issues
Garments issues (industry in general issues)
Small Medium Enterprises issues
Student politics issues
Technology issues (ICT)
Macro-economic issues
Overcoming Leadership challenges (profit and non-profit sector) issues
Political leadership term limit issues
Article 70 of Bangladesh constitution issues
Separation of the judiciary issues
Autonomy of local government issues
Legislative committee functionality issues
Business Money in National Politics issues
Dredging issues (hoar, baor and main water arteries of the country)
Within Party democracy, institution building democracy issues

more on article 70:
1 .http://www.thedailystar.net/2005/11/19/d51119110290.htm
2. http://www.pmo.gov.bd/constitution/part5.htm
Article 70.
Vacation of seat on resignation, etc.
(1) A person elected as a member of Parliament at an election at which he was nominated as a candidate by a political party shall vacate his seat if he resigns from that party or votes in Parliament against the party. Explanation. - If a member of Parliament-
(a) being present in Parliament abstains from voting, or
(b) absents himself from any sitting of Parliament, ignoring the direction of the party which nominated him at the election as a candidate not to do so, he shall be deemed to have voted against that party. (2) If, at any time, any question as to the leadership of the Parliamentary party of a political party arises, the Speaker shall, within seven days of being informed of it in writing by a person claming the leadership of the majority of the members of that party in Parliament, convince a meeting of all members of Parliament of that party in accordance with the Rules of procedure of Parliament and determine its Parliamentary leadership by the votes of the majority through division and if, in the matter of voting in Parliament, any member does not comply with the direction of the leadership so determined, he shall be deemed to have voted against that party under clause (1) and shall vacate his seat in the Parliament.
(3) If a person, after being elected a member of Parliament as an independent candidate, joins any political party, he shall, for the purpose of this article, be deemed to have been elected as a nominee of that Party.]

Still more for your background. Give us links to read.



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