Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Check with the Election Comission if you are enlisted in the voter list?

Bangladesh Election 2007 : Voter Registration Issues tell us what you think is wrong with the Election ComissionThis survey aims to raise questions about the 8 days left to fix thehuge mismanaged eligible voter list database. The numbers to call are8129325 and 9129033 , find your names and make sure someone else isnot going to get a free ride on your ballot. Call your commisioner now


The Bengali Fob said...

I have a suggestion. Could you guys put your info in a more visually appealling manner?

There's a lot of information you are posting, but it's hard to follow all of it.

I suggest you put some pictures and separate the info into paragraphs.

Keep up the good work!

changebangladesh said...

Thanks for the comments. I would whole heartedly invite you to come join our mission for better and Prosperous Bangladesh. We are young group of educated and
schooled people trying to make a difference any honest resources who have broad mind and culturally diverse would be an asset for us in this mission. If by any means you can help us help our beloved country Bangladesh let us know.


Salam Dhaka said...

What is wrong is that how come there are over 9 crore voters in a country of 15 crore when the census bureau says 52% of the population is under 18?

This voter list is a TOTAL farce.