Friday, August 03, 2007

Change Bangladesh Org, USA targets to raise US$10 Million for the flood victims

Tuesday July 31 2007 16:13:48 PM BDT
M. M. Chowdhury, USA

We have seen that so much effort and relentless hard work by our people in Bangladesh and Abroad to save the two leaders for not going to jail. I am thinking if they use their effort and money to save the disadvantage and incoming flood effected people in Bangladesh, quite a bit number of people will be saved.I will be observing what those so called party people do in the upcoming natural disaster (flood) situation in Bangladesh. They should prove that all human being are same, so they should exhort huge support to save millions of flood affected people in Bangladesh like they did to the two political leaders in Bangladesh.I will also urge those political party branches in USA, UK, CANADA, NEWZEALAND, and other countries to make a unified effort to help those flood affected people if they really care about Bangladesh.I will do as much as possible through Change Bangladesh Organization, USA ( to raise money for the flood victim. We have at least 5 lack Bangladeshi living in USA, if every body donate at least US$20 to the fund created by the Change Bangladesh Organization, we can send at least US$10 Million or 70 Crore BD Taka to Bangladesh to help those affected people. Change Bangladesh Organization, USA will pay for the administration cost to collect and send this money to various credential NGOs in Bangladesh. So all your contribution will be send directly to the victims. This is our promise and this is our goal.CTG should do the followings:

1) Form a unit within the Govt who will lead the operation.

2) Start the procurement of rice, dal, oil, drinking water and other necessary items and build up the storage now.

3) Allocate at least TK 500 Crore to this flood fund now.

4) If items need to be imported, start the negotiation with the foreign suppliers now.

5) Talk to UN and explain the coming flood situation in Bangladesh where at least projected 90 Million people will be affected. Ask UN to disburse some disaster fund to control the food and shelter crises in Bangladesh . UN has a budget to help in this kind of disaster situation.

6) Govt should start identifying the channels/persons how this disaster relief will be distributed. Develop master plan/strategies now.

7) Govt should do an assessment which areas will be affected most and how much relief to be distributed.

8) Govt should assess what they have and how long it can run with the stored items. This will not be exact to know but at least Govt should be in ball park estimate.

9) Govt should assess and identify the roads and communication channels. What will be difficult and what alternative or options they have to disburse the relief item to the affected people.

10) Govt should identify the shelter location and how many shelters should be around the country.

11) Govt should use its embassies around the world to talk to respectable countries to help in this dire situation.

12) Govt should identify the industries to be affected and what actions should be action to save those industries.We as individuals living abroad have a role to play in this disaster situation by setting up relief fund in respectable countries, get involve in the media to advertise the situation. As most of you know, when people know the disaster through media, public support pours (i.e. Pakistan got US$ 5 Billion for earthquake victims, Tsunami affected countries got US$7 billion dollars from the world community, etc).

Eng. M. M. Chowdhury, Atlanta, USA CEO, Amreteck LLC, USA
Director of Operation, Change Bangladesh Organization, USA (Portfolio: Foreign Investment, Economic Opportunity & Job Creation)
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