Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yunus names his party.

Yunus names his party, decides to contest next polls
Staff Correspondent

Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus on Sunday primarily announced the name of his political party as Nagorik Shakti (citizens’ power), saying the organisation would contest the next parliamentary election. The father of micro-credit, who in an open letter earlier this month sought people’s opinions on his joining politics, said he had finally decided to enter the new realm. Yunus said his party would be formally launched soon. ‘Since my decision to launch a political party is finalised, I will of course contest the polls if everything goes smoothly’ he told New Age on Sunday, adding, ‘There is no question of backing out.’ Yunus, however, said he would have more consultations with the people before the formal launch of the party. ‘The objectives of my organisation will be doing healthy politics keeping away from the path of violence pursued by the country’s [other] political parties… I will do the politics of unity,’ he said. Asked what would be his next step, he said he would write to people again seeking their final endorsement of the principles and objectives of the proposed party. He said he did not invite any one to join his party but would consider it if people from other parties express their willingness to join. About the criticism by major political parties of his decision to venture into politics, Yunus on his return from Chittagong told journalists at the Zia International Airport that they [other parties] would make their comments. ‘I do not deal in words, my business is of work. I will do politics of unity.’ He indicated that his proposed party might field candidates for all 300 constituencies in next parliamentary elections. ‘I think the situation has come to such a pass that there is no scope for backing out,’ Yunus said. About his party-building plan the Nobel laureate said he envisaged organising people from villages and wards by forming 20-member preparatory committees in each unit who would identify themselves as ‘Yunus Samarthak Gosthi or Yunus supporters’ club.

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