Monday, November 27, 2006

Voters' dilemma

Badrul Islam, Uttara, Dhaka
Thirty-five years has passed since Bangladesh became independent and yet our elected representatives, have failed to provide for the voters, their Constitutional right for "Democratic Government" and an "Electoral Body" that will formulate procedures for a "Free and Fair Election". Today the Voters find themselves in "the horns of a dilemma" in respect of three major points; (1) Will there be an election? (2) Will they be able to vote? (3) Will they be able to trust their elected representatives, collectively (in power and in opposition) to follow democratic principles to the letter, in formulating policies that will assure them of an enriched and secured life?
The "dilemma" is directly attributed to the recent failure of the "Dialogue" between the AL and BNP, mainly due the lack of political will, wisdom, and strategy; and indirectly to the CG system, which is not free from weaknesses as the voters and political parties are now witnessing.
However, the voters find it pathetic and difficult to comprehend that their elected representatives as leaders and political activists: (1) lack human qualities and feelings, (2) that in utter disregard of human life and sufferings, adopt undemocratic methods to settle their disputes, (3) that without consent from voters (through a simple "YES" and "NO" poll system) opted directly for a programme of laying siege and blockade paralyzing the country, (5) in the street battles, against each other, its Bengalis killing the Bengalis and (4) When all the "Hullabaloo" is over, the voters have to vote for these representatives!
In his article," Strange indeed is this land"( The Daily Star July 2,2006) Shahnoor Wahid states, "Then we have this special breed of people who go about doing business of politics as they are not good at anything else. Strangely enough, these self-proclaimed people's leaders or netas in Bengali are always asking for people's blood! They goad others to lay down their lives so that they may go to power and buy brand new duty-free cars."
The "dilemma" for the citizens continues, as elections must be held for Bangladesh to continue to remain within the frame of democracy.
Meanwhile, concrete solutions have, NOT, yet been found. The ten member Advisers are facing compounding problems, but, as reported in all TV channels, they have jointly submitted to the President/CA their recommendations and now "It's only the President " who will decide-and that's the major weakness of the CG system; whereas, if the Election Commission was strengthened and made a completely independent institution, the President couldn't negate the decision of the CEC.
Let's pray for wisdom to prevail amongst all those who are negotiating for democracy and especially the President, who, by virtue of his position, is currently the most powerful administrator ; but hopefully as citizen first, and President next, he will remain morally obliged to work for the well being of the nation.

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