Monday, July 31, 2006

The International Technology Academy( TITA) at Dhaka,Bangladesh

Changebangladesh have started to receive some outstanding project proposals. One such non-solicited came from amongst our very own Mr M. Chowdhury, he is a Chemical Eng and CEO of Amreteck Pharma Group,also serving as Senior Validation Engineer, Elan Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA. The concept of the academy is unique to say the least and could create a network of professional network for Bangladeshis home and abroad thus strengthening our local industries with non-foreign Bangladeshi consultants. This project is very much inline with our Competent leadership initiative. Please read the proposal and liberally comment. We are very excited that changebangladesh may become a conduit for Bangladeshi working professionals all over the world to go back home and create a sustainable dynamic economy. Hope is in the dreaming. Dream with us of the impossible. Together we will make change a reality for Bangladesh.


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